Ground Effect

For PPL, CPL & ATPL aspirants who want to become a good pilot, must be well conversant with the effects while aircraft is flying near to ground. Such instances are encountered while close to ground during take-off and landing..  At Gracious Avatar during commercial pilot training classes for PPL, CPL & ATPL aspirants, such instances / effects will be covered by the expert ground instructors.  These are the important topics which would be covered during CPL & APTL pilot training at Gracious Avatar, Gurgaon (India).

Ground Effect is the name given to positive influence on the lifting characteristics of horizontal surfaces of an aircraft wing when it is close to the ground. This effect is a consequence of the distortion of the airflow below such surfaces attributable to the proximity of the ground. It applies to both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The increase in Lift created by Ground Effect comes primarily from a reduction in the amount of induced drag generated which improves the lift/drag ratio. In most circumstances, this increased lift is supplemented by a direct increase in the lift generated by the wing.

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